The City of Ahmedabad

The City of Ahmedabad

The city of Ahmedabad is added to the tentative list of UNESCO world Heritage City nominations from India.

Ahmadabad city located on Latitude-23°00′; Longitude-72°35′, reputed as ‘Manchester’ of India, is a busy industrial city situated in cotton-growing hinterland north of Gulf of Cambay, about 100 km upstream of the mouth of the Sabarmati river. This textile town has a veneer of modernity, which has all but hidden the five centuries of eventful history it had had, to which many magnificent mosques and ornate tombs of its medieval masters bear mute testimony. Well connected by road, rail and air to the other towns, Ahmadabad is a curious amalgam of conservative traditions and cosmopolitan trends. The more recent and no less historic, political associations of the city with national leaders have added to its stature. While the erstwhile fortified town and its major suburban growth were restricted to the left bank of Sabarmati, in recent times the city has extended itself to the right bank of the river as well and both parts being well-connected with series of sturdy bridges spanning the river which is liable to swell its banks in the rainy season. Its location as a convenient focal point on the Gujarat land strip lent it in the bygone centuries a vantage position for civil as well as military control. In the realm of medieval Indian architecture, it has indeed an assured place by its significant contributions to the combination of Hindu Jaina and Islamic modes, and by superb artistry of the carved exteriors of the monuments. To the casual tourist, many of Ahmadabad’s monuments may seem to lack elegance, encumbered as they often are by drab and totally indiscriminate accretions to them, and modem installations around and within them. But with a modicum of generous consideration for a city that has overgrown itself, the beauty and ingenuity of many a dome, screen, or minar composition of the edifices will in any case be appreciated.

Read the full Unesco Article here.

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