Welcome Note

Welcome to the Indian Heritage Forum 


The Indian Heritage Forum is being envisioned as a one-stop-shop website for information on heritage related matters. The website is an online public forum of heritage professionals and enthusiasts. The forum is focussed on harnessing the power of community engagement by providing a channel for publishing, documenting and archiving heritage related content for the spread of public awareness. The Indian Heritage Forum Website intends to offer its users the following features:

  • Global discourses and insights into Heritage Management
  • Best Practices, Case Studies and Success Stories
  • E-learning and Training modules for heritage walks and event organizers
  • Philosophical contexts for modern heritage projects
  • Heritage related news and opinion
  • Online community participation
  • Multimedia galleries
  • Social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube
  • User generated content, opinion, community building and public engagement
  • Resources for academia, investors, builders, architects, conservators and other potential stakeholders

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